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Life In The Fast Lane

Raising Quality Milk Goats In Central Alberta

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A Little Bit About Us

Thunder Ridge Ranch is home to our little family of four and sits atop the rolling hills of Craigmyle Alberta. Our two sons Luke and Max, are very much a part of our daily routine and they love everything about farm life. This also gives us the bennefit of having well rounded, socialized animals! 

I completed my Veterinary Technician diploma in 2012 and have never lost that desire to have the knowledge to provide the best possible care to our animals. Life has gotten busier and we have really enjoyed this new adventure!

Nigerian Dwarf goats very quickly became a farm favourite because of their beautiful colours, friendly temperments and overall versitility. We are also very excited to announce the addition of Nubian goats to our herd!

Home: Our Farm

Nigerian  Dwarf Goats

Breeding quality, registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats with a strong focus in milk production and milkability. Our goal is to produce friendly animals with exceptional ease of milking, without sacrificing correct body conformation.

These compact little goats are a great option for people that have limited space but still want all the bennefits of owning a milking animal. Their high butterfat makes nigerian milk the most ideal for making butter and cheese of all the dairy goat breeds.

Home: Welcome

Nubian Goats

In the fall of 2022 we added two Nubian goats and we are in love! They truly are gentle giants and have fit so well into our farm that we decided we need more! Nubians are vey easy to handmilk because of their large teats and easygoing dispositions. These goats produce large volumes of sweet milk that can have butterfats rivalling some of our nigerians. 

Another reason we have chosen to go with Nubians is the fact that they are a dual purpose breed. This means that they are great candidates for both milk as well as meat. A reality of dairy farming is the fact that we end up with male goats that arent always suitable for breeding stock. With pet markets overflowing, we love the idea that these animals can still go on to fill a much needed role in feeding our communities. 

Home: Our Farm
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