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Quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats and All Natural Body Products


A Little Bit About Us

Thunder Ridge Ranch is home to our little family of four and sits atop the rolling hills of Craigmyle Alberta. Our two sons Luke and Max, are very much a part of our daily routine and they love everything about farm life. This also gives us the bennefit of having well rounded, socialized animals! We currently have Nigerian Dwarf goats, a variety of chickens and Goldendoodles!

I completed my Veterinary Technician diploma in 2012 and have never lost that desire to have the knowledge to provide the best possible care to our animals. Life has gotten busier and we have really enjoyed this new adventure!

Nigerian Dwarf goats very quickly became a farm favourite because of their beautiful colours, friendly temperments and overall versitility.

We also started exploring all the things we are able to do with goat milk and quickly discovered how much fun it is to make soap that is truly benneficial for your skin! With the soap came our other natural products and we are so happy with the results! Creating products that are gentle for all skin types is our highest priority!


Nigerian  Dwarf Goats

Breeding quality registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats with a strong focus in milk production and milkability. Our goal is to produce friendly animals with exceptional ease of milking, without sacrificing correct body conformation.


All Natural Body Products

From Our Farm, To Your Home

Handmade and formulated to be gentle and nourishing!

**Currently under construction, stay tuned!**

Lip Balm
Heel Balm
Lavender Soap