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Health Testing and Upcoming Events

CAE, Johnes and CL

All animals one year of age and older are tested annually for CAE and Jhones. Our last round of testing was done in June of 2022 and we only buy from herds with proof of clean testing within the last year or closed herds with history of testing prior to closing. We do not test for CL. We have strict quarantine procedures for any abscesses that arise and all abscesses are tested for CL before the animal leaves quarantine. For any questions regarding our testing methods or to see our most up to date results, please feel free to contact us by email  ( or through our facebook page.


We are excited to announce that we plan to classify in June of 2023! This is going to be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about our animals and make the best decisions we can going forward.

Milk Testing

2021 was our first year participating in annual milk testing and it was a wonderful experience! We completed two separate One Day Milk tests and many of our does received their stars! This is a practice we plan to continue yearly so we have an idea what our does are producing for protein, butterfat and weight. Individual results are posted under each profile.

Health Testing and Upcoming Events: FAQ
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