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Yellowpoint HT Harlequin Opal

DOB: April 26, 2019
Sire: Elfin Acres F Hawthorne
Dam: Cowgirl's Sweet Sapphire

I first layed eyes on Harley when visiting our friends at 805 farms. She had kidded twin doelings with ease and was sporting a very full udder. This doe has a beautifully capacious udder with a very strong medial ligament and nicely placed teats. Harley has lovely texture and nice orfices which makes her a joy to milk!

Yellowpoint HT Harlequin Opal: Meet the Team

Kidding History


Buck/Doe twins


Twin Bucklings


Twin doelings sired by Furthur DM Charms

Yellowpoint HT Harlequin Opal: List
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