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Thunder Ridge CB Raven

DOB: April 28, 2021

Sire: Curl Creek Blackjack Oak

Dam: Mossy Rock FF Phoenix 

Raven is out of two Milk star does on her Dams side and is sired by Curl Creek Blackjack Oak. His dam was the 2019 CGS West National Champion! Blackjack has improved medial in Raven as well as teat placement and udder height while leaving her dams thick teats, incredible orfices and buttery soft texture intact! Raven is a doe that you just want to milk beause it flows out so easily. in 2022 She freshened as a yearling with a single buckling. At 6 weeks fresh Raven milked 1lb 9oz after a 12 hour hold.

Thunder Ridge CB Raven: Meet the Team

Kidding History


Single Buckling sired by Furthur KNK Slight Of Hand

Thunder Ridge CB Raven: List
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