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Potting Shed RR Tesoro

DOB: April 10, 2019
Sire: Rosasharn JML Rigatoni
Dam: Potting Shed BM Auburn

Tesoro's Sire Rosasharn JML Rigatoni scored VG 86 as a yearling. His Paternal Granddam Rosasharn AX Katerina 6*M is a sixth generation milk star doe. She won Senior Reserve Champion in 2014 and Senior Grand Champion in 2019. His paternal Granddam Java has a stunning, high, wide udder with nice teat placement, great medial and huge capacity. 

Tesoro's dam Potting Shed BM Auburn seems to be following in her dam Ashley's footsteps with a beautifully shaped udder and those signature attachments. 

Potting Shed Ashley is the epitome of what we strive for in these compact dairy goats. She milked through her second and third lactations without a break and is noted to be very difficult to dry off. She classified as VG 86 as a second freshener and has passed her milky genetics on to her daughters. Ashley's "spot check" milk records from 2019 show her producing 9.7 lbs 83 days into her fourth lactation. 

His Maternal Grandsire Dragonfly SM Birdman is a US import buck that has been helping this breed make great strides forward. His dam Snowbird LA'd VEEV 90 and earned her Superior Genetics designation. His full sister appraised VVEE 89 as a second freshener and won GCH doe at the Atamont Doe Show. One of his daughters, Potting Shed BM Sweet Cheeks also won Grand Champion at the 2018 East National Show.

Potting Shed RR Tesoro: Meet the Team
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