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Curl Creek Thor

DOB: March 7, 2020
Sire: Castle Rock Black Oak*S
Dam: Ryder Creek Honey Dew*M

Thor is a buckling we absolutely couldn't refuse. Both sides of his pedigree are known for their correct mammary structure and this breeding in particular has produced very large, well placed teats. Thor is the product of a third pairing between Honey Dew and Black Oak, with a fourth in the works for this year.

His full blood sister, Curl Creek Chantilly*M is quickly climbing into one of the top spots at curl Creek for favourites according to her breeder. She won first place yearling milker in both rings at the CGS West Nationals last year. she also milked 3.16lbs as a second freshener on her one day milk test, earning her a milk star. 

Thor's sire Castle Rock Black Oak *S has proven to pass very correct mammaries to his daughters as well as milkability. He has great brisket extension, long level topline and angular dairy features. Black Oak's dam, Castle Rock Sarafina is a finished Grand Champion and LA'd EEEE 92. As a second freshener, Sarafina milked 6.8 lbs on a one day milk test. His sires dam, Castle Rock Penny wise produced 8.2 lbs as a 3 year old on her one day milk test. She has also earned both her Superior Genetics and Permanent Grand Champion status. 

Curl Creek Thor: Meet the Team
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